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Todd Miller, PGA

General Manager, Santee-Cooper Resorts, Inc.

I asked Todd Miller if he believed it was beneficial to partner with me?  Here is his unpaid, unscripted response.  

"A. David...has enlightened our Golf Package Department on some of the best ways to handle the daily stress, communication, sales, and customer service. 

   He is very easy to listen to and keeps everyone's attention focused on whatever his instructional presentation is that day.  

   I appreciated his business skills and information. This will put our education with A. David to good use by controlling our stress and therefore, providing the best customer service possible." 

-- Laura Gordon, Golf Package Supervisor, Santee-Cooper Resorts Travel Package Department 

Santee-Cooper Resorts Travel Packages Team

(L to R) Mary Ostro, Todd Miller, Laura Gordon, Ruth Ann Hritz

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I get it, 'change is hard'.

So for the person who's not quite sure if this is everything they need, I've created the NEXUS DeepChannel Marketing Mastermind Coaching.

A monthly One-On-One support call with me to guide your marketing efforts; with appropriate tactics; that build you unique solutions with proven stratey; we develop together for your business.

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Due to limited the spaces available; at any given time; it is important that we're a good fit. 

So, the first thing we do is have a conversation.  I'll ask you questions about your business and your goals to determine if I can help you.  

It's sort of a diagnosis of your business.

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A. David Griffin, Business Growth Consultant

For over well over 20 years A. David Griffin has been active in the marketing and business world, working with a select group of small to midsize companies, whose owners are serious about growing their businesses. 

"I've developed a keen sense of what the 'big' questions are that need to be asked.

Questions designed to uncover the right strategic plans you need.  

Plans developed with you, to quickly and effectively take your business to greater market growth and greater profits.

I'm confident my special Business Growth Consumer Guide "Discover Marketing Secrets "Brand" Advertisers Don't Want You To Know About" is going to have such an powerful impact upon you and your business, we'll be chatting soon." 

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A. David Griffin, Founder

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